Pay Per Call Networks Offers Affiliate Marketing

A Pay Per Call Network is an online business or platform which handles call campaigns for advertisers and produces calls to the network of participating publishers on behalf of the advertiser. Pay Per Call Networks serves as intermediaries between sellers and buyers of calls, governs the relationships on either side, and is developing a closed virtual ecosystem which allows advertisers to earn a healthy margin on each call. Pay Per Call Networks is usually used by small businesses and start-ups who lack the resources to maintain their own call centre infrastructure and service layer. A successful PPC campaign requires one-way connectivity between an advertiser and a publisher – a factor that cannot be ignored at any point during a campaign.

To get started with a Pay Per Call Network, you need to have a specialised marketing plan in place. You need to know your audience and target customer profile. This can be done by analysing your competitors’ efforts and finding out what works for them and what doesn’t. This analysis will help you in defining your campaign strategy and help you develop the kind of features and benefits that your customers want. It will also help in defining your target market and how you intend to reach out to them. Once you know your audience and who your potential customers are, you can start planning and designing your pay per call networks.

Pay Per Call Networks work on a simple principle. Publishers sign up with Pay Per Call Networks and advertise their products and services on their websites. Publishers who pay a higher rate to the Pay Per Call Networks will get higher payout. Publishers with fewer advertisements or those with targeted audiences will receive lower payout. Pay Per Call Networks has several layers to ensure quality service to both advertisers and publishers. They are constantly monitoring the performance of both sides to ensure fair and equal treatment of both.

Pay Per Call Networks and Pay Per Click networks often work hand in hand. Pay Per Call Networks usually compensates their affiliates fairly well. Some even pay their affiliates with Pay Per Click (PPC) money to help spread their promotional efforts. Many top Pay Per Call networks will also include PPC in their payout scheme in order to generate more traffic to their websites and to improve visibility of the affiliates’ ads.

The Pay Per Click networks focus on generating traffic from the largest proportion of targeted visitors, so if a publisher is able to attract large amounts of traffic they can significantly boost their sales revenue. Pay Per Click traffic is highly targeted and very high converting, so Pay Per Call Networks often result in large Pay Per Click traffic increases for their affiliates. Publishers who pay a reasonable rate for PPC may expect to see a return on investment (ROI) of around 40% within one month.

Pay Per Call networks offer Pay Per Click affiliates a variety of unique Pay Per Click promotional programs. Some of these include Pay Per Click Offers, Pay Per Action or Pay Per Lead offerings and Pay Per Lead Affiliates, an initiative of Pay Per Call Networks. In addition, Pay Per Call networks focus on offering different types of promotional products. These include: